Do you remember what was the last concert you were thrilled about? We are asking because we might have been there, too. Behind the scene, to be more specific, very pleased to have wrapped up a counterclock job that lasted for days, if not weeks. We lifted the stage up and we placed the sound and ligths equipment. We provided the technical support for the special effects and we made sure that every step of the proccess was implemented considering all the safety measures.



We should all know by now the “secret” detail when it comes to organizing a succesfull event: it’s all about the people you are counting on and the way they do their job. It’s about their abillity to find solutions considering the unlikely scenario in which the initial plan meets the unpredictable. In order to ease the brainstorming that leads to the right solutions, you’d better have the entire equipment that you need, at hand. If you get the know-how in the rental package, you can hapilly conclude that you’ve closed a great deal.


Other services

For us, working up high means that we can do what we love, everyday. The passion has become a day to day job. We rely on the certifications and the specific trainings over the years but probably the most important aspect of the job is that we consider ourselves responsible not only for our own saftey but also for the safety of our team mates.

After checking all the safety measures, paying attention to every detail, we get the job done.

Are you looking to implement a temporary gallery inside a mall area or do you need to set up a thematic adventure park? We are able to implement mind blowing large scale props that takes a wide range of specific equipments and a team that can work efficiently. We know exactly what to do, when to do it and most importantly, we do it right.

You’ve probably asked yourself at least once in your life how a big and heavy equipment ended up at such hight above the ground. We prepare a detailed explanation about how we uplift your equipment and about how we make sure that it gets where it’s needed.

We consider ourselves down to earth professionals especially when we must help someone fly. The set-up must be discreet and very well integrated among the other elements of the show. Our job is not only to make sure that the the person we help to fly is safe but also we hold ourselves responsible for the posture during the flight and for how it feels. After all, not every day you get the chance to fly and if you feel good is because an entire team made it happen.

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